Our little Finches are always active, please ensure suitable footwear is worn or available.

Phone contact

Please make sure you can always be contacted during the time your child is at Pre-School.


At drop off and pick up time, please refrain from parking in the disabled bays and also try to park considerately.

Wish Tree

This works very well at Finches, each week we put out some items that are needed for the children. All you need to do is pick an item e.g. wipes, pens, glue sticks and drop it off when your child in next in. 

Craft Donations

We are appealing for parents to make a donation of £5 per 1/2 term towards the cost of art and craft materials. If you are able to contribute please put your donation in the box displayed in Pre-School.

Stay and Play

Parents, carers and siblings are welcome to spend a 'Stay and Play' morning at Finches in the second half of each term. It is an opportunity to see what your child does at Pre-School, get to know the staff and talk to your child's Key Worker about their progress. Please ensure your child's key worker is in on the day you wish to visit.

term date 2021/2022

Autumn Term
First day of term 6th September
Half term 25th October- Friday 29th October
Last day of term 15th December 2021

Spring Term 2022

First day of term- 6th January 2022
Half Term- Monday 21 February- Friday 25 February
Last day of term- 8th April 

Summer Term 2022

First day of term-17th April 2022
Half term- 29th May- 2nd June
Last day of term- 21st July 2022

*Finches is closed on all bank holidays*


If you are a parent with a child already at pre-school, please take the time to read through this document, which contains details of our organisational structure, procedures, where to find useful contact names and telephone numbers and further information regarding the Pre-School.



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